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The Video shows how the Smart Health Card with RFID tag which can be accessed through the scanner which Progeny India will provide the partner hospitals. The health data can also be extracted by visiting our website and punching in the unique card serial number. The card will have wallet facility and features listed in the app. With the help of the wallet payment for our services can be made without any hassle.


What is RFID?

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification.

An ADC (Automated Data Collection) technology that:

• Uses radio-frequency waves to transfer data between a reader and a movable item to identify, categorize, track..

• Is fast and does not require physical sight or contact between reader/scanner and the tagged item.

• Performs the operation using low cost components.

• Attempts to provide unique identification and backend integration  that allows for wide range of applications.

Smart Card Technology

• Cards with cryptographic capabilities

• 32 bit computer chips on cards

• Different memory sizes for our needs

• Combination cards with contact and contact less communications

Why Use Cards In Healthcare ?

• Quicker and easier retrieval of Data (from a portable card or using card as key to data lookup)

• Deliver Better and Faster Service

• Decrease Paper Work and Administrative Costs

• Increased Patient Convenience

• Secure Access to On-line Data

• Enable secure communications

• Elimination of  Data Entry Error

Role of RFID

•Automated Data Capture (ADC), resulting in,

–  Elimination of errors.

– Improved speed of  Operation.

– Enhanced  Safety and quality in healthcare.

Computer System Overview