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All they need is Love, Care, Companionship & Connect

Let us Care!

  • Are you staying away from your parents in a different city or country?

  • Have you ever felt the need for a person to take care of your parents in your absence?

  • Do you feel helpless when you find that your parents staying away are not well?

  • Have you experienced stress because you find parents not receiving your calls?

At PROGENY, we take care of the elderly people staying alone like a surrogate offspring. Guaranteeing that we can be the Elderly Assistance Service that simplifies your life.


About Us

Simplify Your Life

We all have moments in life when we feel overwhelmed, incapable, and in need of help and support; which can provide care and support for our elderly parents staying alone and treat them as family.
As a dedicated elderly assistance service, PROGENY believes that care, love, connect and companionship are required to make a difference in their day to day lives.

Customer Feedback

I am really looking forward for something like this to take shape!

Very good initiative. ❤️💐. Proud of you

Very happy to know about it's existence. This is amazing! I convey my best wishes for this venture! Wish something like this comes up in Mumbai

Very good attempt.  Extremely beneficial for the society. Is Bangalore covered under this?

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Binayak Enclave. 59 K C Ghosh Road


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